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Latin American Jazz Fusion

Project led by bassist and composer Daniel Gazmuri, where through original music inspired by the nature and rhythms of the south of the world, he proposes a fresh and innovative proposal. The group is made up of maestro Mauricio Rodriguez on guitar, Daniel Rodriguez on drums, Javiera Abufhele on voice and piano, and Daniel Gazmuri on bass and compositions.


Faraggi Trio

Modern jazz

Jazz trio that fuses Latin American rhythms with own compositions by guitarist Antonio Faraggi. After their first album called "Volantemente" they are now working on a new production.



Jazz, Bossa nova, Boleros

and International music

Trio with more than 12 years of experience setting corporate events for the most outstanding international and national companies. They also hold private events, such as: weddings, ceremonies, birthdays and dinners.

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